Simple & Fast

Remote Hosted & Managed

We are hosting mu website for you as "Ready To Use" this helps to provide best support and issue solving for our customers at any time of day.

Website Divide

Seperate Hosting

NMWcms websites are seperate from each other, this provides stability and uptime per website and web resurces are dedicated to a single web instead of shared like it is on many web hosts.

CMS Automatic Updates

All of the updates are automatically installed without the need of any button clicking, each update is scripted to avoid issues to customer or web funcionality.

97+ & S1 - S17 Compatible

Works with nearly all server databases and server file teams including IGCN,zTeam,MuEmu,Louis Emulator and many other.

Manage From Acp

Admin panel will provide probably the moust settings there is to a mu online website and will allow to setup server unique even between our customers.

Multiple Database Support

Supports multiple database configurations like me_muonline, multiple databases from single host, multiple databases from 4 different server hosts, different season multiple databases and each in its own seperate hosts and for each database enabled web allows to setup unique settings.

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