NMWCMS MuOnline Website

MuOnline Website designed to support multiple server seasons from 97 to S12 and Teams like
IGCN,MuEmu,MuEngine,Louis,zTeam,ExTeam,LTPTeam & many more.

Remote Hosted & Managed

YES we are hosting website for you as "Ready To Use" and giving an dedicated IP to access its instalation, once ordered a dedicated access IP will be available for the web in client area, Simple And Fast!

Also updating NMWCMS to latest version every month automatically, all for you!

97 - S12 Compatible

Mmm "Good Old Times" well NMWCMS supports server seasons
97d/97i/97p/97j/etc.. 99b/99z/etc.. and S1 - S12 also IGCN S6-S12
with nearly all website features that we have in offer.

98% Web Manage From ACP ? Oo

NMWCMS Admin Panel has like a lot of options/settings/features to make your server uniqe even between others who are powered by our website, it has like 5-20 settings per module and also theme manage and module css styling to make it look cool.

Multi Database Ready

Oh, web supports multirate ? yea NMWCMS supports different server rates, different database hosts and different seasons and up to total 4 MultiDBs.
Each MultiDB can be configured with own uniqe settings for each module.

You can start by checking Gallery & Features Pages!