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News ( Facebook News, News With/Without Image )
- Top Characters ( Character View )
- Top Guilds ( Guild View )
- Players Online
- Pk Count
- Gens
- Custom Rank ( Created From ACP )
Statistics ( Server Stats, Database Stats, Crywolf Status, Castle Siege, Gens, Character Classes )
Banned Players
- Screenshots
- Videos
- Wallpapers
- Concept Art
- Character Market
- My Items
Webshop ( Single Item Buy, Single Item F,O Buy, SET Buy, KIT Buy )
Forum ( Uniqe Built-In NMW CMS Forum )
Dashboard ( Visitor Statistic, Earned Money Statistic, Latest Forum Posts, Bug Reports, Credited Players List )
Account Create/Edit
Character Create/Edit
Warehouse/Inventory ( Item Add/Remove, Clean )
Website Settings ( Default Settings, Custom Settings, Database Settings, Exchange Rate Settings, Poll Manage, Facebook Manage, Event Timer )
DB Tables & Columns ( Reset/Grand Reset, SkillTree, wCoins, Vip, Gens, Credits, Online Hours )
Page Access ( Default/User/Game Panel/GM )
Default Pages ( News, Downloads, Register, Rankings, Statistics, Banned Players, Gallery )
User Pages ( Free Credits, Payment Systems, Custom Page, Currency Convert, GM Status Buy, Information Hide, Vip Buy, Friend Invite, Item Upgrade, GM Panel, Exchange System, CSiege Guild Register, Scramble Game, Treasure Chest Game )
Game Panel ( Reset Character, Grand Reset Character, Warp Character, Add Character Stats, Buy Character Stats, Sell Level Up Points, Change Character Class, Clear Character Pk, Rename Character, Reset Master SkillTree, Reset Character Stats, Buy Character Level, Clean Inventory )
Achievement Manage
Staff Manage
Market ( Main Settings, Category Manage )
Webshop ( Main Settings, Option Costs, Category Manage )
Market / Webshop ( XML Data File Save, Ancient/Ancient Option/Ertel/Harmony/Skill/Socket/Item Manage )
Forum ( Main Category Manage, Sub Category Manage, BlackList )
Website Logs ( Warehouse Item Logs, Admin/Mod/AGM/GM Credits Income/Loss & Login Time )
Website Styling ( Table, Content Box, Input/Select/Textarea, Button, Include Module, Include Slider, Webshop, Market, Poll, Count Down )
Forum Main Category Manage
Sub Category Manage
BlackList Manage
GM Manage
GM Panel Settings
GM Page Access
Login Logs
GM Credits Logs
Ban Manager
User Unban
Reward System
Event Posting
Information View
4 Types Of Currency
Login Facebook PopUp
Login POLL PopUp
Treasure Chest Event
Module Notification System
User Panel
Account Settings
Game Panel
- Character Manage ( Characters Slot Select, Multiple Character Manage )
- Reset Character ( Reset Limit, Reset Level, Level After Reset, Reset Cooldown, Reset Money Type, Reset Stats, Teleport After Reset, Reset/Add LvlUpPoints, Equip Check, Min-Max Lvl Req )
- Grand Reset Character ( GR Limit, GR Reset Level, GR Reset Req, Money Type, GR LlvUpPoints Manage, Reset Stats After GR, Teleport, Equip Check )
- Warp Character
- Add Character Stats
- Buy Character Stats
- Sell Level Up Points
- Change Character Class
- Clear Character Pk
- Rename Character
- Reset Master SkillTree
- Reset Character Stats
- Buy Character Level
- Clean Inventory
- Buy Master Level
Vote Reward ( Postback Support, Top Voter Rank With Rewards )
Buy Credits
- PayPal
- PayGol
- Fortumo
- PaymentWall
- Interkassa
- MegaKassa
- HotPay
Custom Page ( Allows To Setup Any Informative Page For Example "Donate" )
Warehouse ( With Market Sell Button & Item Upgrade Button )
Jewel Wallet ( Allows To Store All Jewels )
Currency Convert ( Convert wCoins/Zen To Credits Or Credits To wCoins/Zen )
Exchange System ( Jewel Of Soul/Bless/Chaos/Creation/Harmony Exchange To Credits, Online Time Exchange )
Scramble Game ( Mini Word Game For Extra Credits Gain )
Achievements ( Laurel System, Item Rewards & Credits Rewards, Manage From XML )
Information Hide ( Hides Character Item View Information )
Character Buy/Sell ( Character Market With Full Information Like Items, Stats )
Buy GM Status
Vip Buy
Auction ( Auction Item, Won Bids, My item )
Castle Siege Guild Register
Friend Invite ( With Reset/Level Check )
Support Ticket