Creating a MU website has never been more easy then this!

Your NWMCMS website will be ready to use in less then 5 minutes, after purchase web is prepared and created automatically for you, copy install key from user panel and start the installation process to connect it with your server, there is no file editing or coding knowledge required!

Choose your website location!

NMW Website is fast but to make it faster choose website location closer to your server vps!
As long as there is demand we will expand for more coverage in near future.


13.00 / month

  • Fully Featured NMWCMS Website
  • Old Server Support Like 97-99
  • Supports Season Versions S1 - S17
  • Nearly All Server Teams Are Supported IGCN,Louis,zTeam,LTP,xTeam,IaJulia,MuDev And Many More..
  • Multiple Database Feature That Supports Up To 4 Database
  • Webshop With Many Options Like Multi Currency, Force F,O Buy, Kits Category, Sets Category, Item Return.
  • Market With Dupe Blocking, Fees For Seller And/Or Buyer, Multi Currency With Jewel Support
  • NMWCMS Built-In Forum With Main And Sub Categorie Creation, User Topic Pin/Flag/Block, Forum PM System
  • 99% Web Control From Adminiistrator Panel
  • Automatic Monthly CMS Updates
  • Supports SQL Server 2005 - 2019+

Available In [ Poland, Germany, France ]
For Any Questions Contact Narvulkan In Skype:narvulkan Or Discord:Narvulkan#6601

Frequently asked questions.

Can i use my own theme/template on nmwcms?

In short YES, but themes has to be adapted to function on nmw and it is not for free, nmw has all the documentation and allows theme file manage to make or modify your own themes if there is a need for it.

Is NMW website Flood/DDOS protected?

There is a DDOS Mitigation from our hosting provider OVH while WebHost has software firewall(CSF+ModSec) there is also protection from Subnet Spam Prevention,User Flood Detect and Bad BOT Blocking yet for additional protection it is still required to use CloudFlare for your Domain ( RateLimiting,FirewallRules Etc )

Where is my website after purchase?

All websites bought can be viewed from user panel in nmwcms home page, from there you can check your website IP and install key. Website can be accesed only from a domain name.

Can i get website files to use on my own webhost?

This is not possible because nmwcms was designed specific for our host that we use and will not function on any other webhost, it will also prevent us from offering great support and fix issues for you in minutes.

What if my server host is outside of green in coverage map?

Website will work but a slow login and page loading might be expected and it will be anoning for players, it is best to avoid long distances from web host and server host!

Can i use fake domain and later change it to real one?

Yes it is allowed because domain can be changed from user panel in nmwcms home page but some host services will be reseted like email server.

Does NMW includes server hosting with game antihack and launcher?

No, NMWCMS offers only managed websites for muonline servers and does not host or provide server files or any files for the server.