This is a website for private mu online servers to manage server database like character resets, grand resets, currency, market and more.

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Multiple Season Compatible

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Multiple DataBase Support
Can Setup Up To 4 Servers With or Without Single Account Database

More Than 1500+ Configurable Options
With Many Options You Are Able To Setup Your Perfect Unique Website

Active Support & Development
Updates Available Every Month And Probably One Of The Best Support Out There For Mu Websites

Built-In Security Systems
Software Level Anti DDOS Built-In, Bot Filter And Block, Subnet Flood Prevention, User Spam Prevention, Same Account Login Prevent, Random Session On Each Login, XSS Attack Filtering, Encoded Passwords & Config Files, Anti File Injection Or Manipulation, Folder & File Checks For Any Shells Or UnSafe Folders.

Unique Direct Pay System
Allowing To Pay For Modules With Direct Payment Systems Instead Of Currency Credits, Supports VIP Buy, Information Hide, Character Stats Buy, Master Level Buy, GM Status Buy, Battle Pass Premium.

11 Public Modules And Features

News Page
Multiple Language Support, Comment System, Switch To Facebook News

Account Register
Rules Agreement System, SMTP Email System, MultiDB Account Create, Register Reward System, reCaptcha System, Account Limiter By IP.

Client Downloads
Information About Drivers And Sys Requirements, Support of Full Clients / No-Sound Clients / Tools & Patches.

Multiple Ranking Options To Show/Hide, Unlimited Custom Rankings, Custom Ranking Reward/Reset System, Ranking Top Load Limit, Show Only Active Characters.

Informative Stats Display, Database Account/Character/Guild Display, Active Castle Siege State, Registered CS Guild List, Gens Stats, Character Class Count.

List Of Blocked Ips / Accounts / Characters With Reason And Expire Date.

Contains Video Gallery, ScreenShot Gallery, Concept Art Gallery

Allows To Setup 3 Rule Tabs With Custom Name And Custom Rules Text.

Supports IGCN,MuDevs,LouisEmu,xTeam XMLs And Txt ItemBag Files, Displays Events Tab / Boxes Tab / Monsters Tab

Lost Password
Unique Code Password Recovery, SMTP Email Recovery Or Combined Email & Unique Code Password Recovery.

Custom System
Up To 5 Custom Pages With Custom Names, Can Be Used As "About Page" "Donation Info" "Guides Page" Or Other.

30 User Panel Modules And Features

Account Panel
Contains Information About Account Currency, VIP Status, Registered Date And List Of Module Links Available.

Account Settings
Password Change, Display Name Change, Country Flag Change, Avatar URL, Forum Signature.

Vote Reward
Multiple Vote Link Support, XML Based Unlimited Vote Reward With Currency/Vip/Items, Voter IP Check, Vote Postback System, Vote Level/Reset Requirement Check.

Currency Convert
Converting Currency Between 6 Cur Types That Can Be Configured, Value Selecting Min-Max & Step Or Simple Value Enter.

GM Status Buy
Can Choose GM CTL Code, Cost per Day, Min-Max Time Allowed To Buy GM, Rules Section For Bought GMs

Information Hide
User Viewed Informaiton Hide like Item View Hide, Stats Hide, Location Hide Or Forced All Hide, Buy Available With Currency OR Direct Pay.

VIP Status Buy
Supports 1-4 Vip Types, Website Vips That Reduce Costs In Modules, Display Of Specific Vip Days Only And Specific Cost Set Per That Day, Currency Give On Vip Buy, Additional GR Reward IF Vip Active & Much More, Buy Available With Currency OR Direct Pay.

Friend Invite (Referral)
Get Reward From Any Friend That Gets His Character Are Required Lvl/RR, Invited Friend Rewards, Level/Reset Requirement Checks, Requirement Checks With Time Period.

Item Upgrade
Allows Item Option Upgrade Like Level / Skill / Luck / Refinery / Ancient / Harmony / Excellent, Option Cost And Time Period Setup, Block Or Allow Items From XML List.

CS Siege Register
Register Cost, Sign Count Cost, Set Minimal Members To Register In Siege, Displays List Of Registerd Guilds.

Scramble Game
Scramble The Words And Get Reward, Options To Set Correct And Wrond Word Rewards, Scramble Cooldown Period.

Max Items Per User, Max Days Before Item Expires, Option To Block Items With Max Excellent, Decline Fee, Return Fee, Add Fee, Bid Time Expand.

Web Deposit
Supports All Jewels And Jewel Bundles, Possible To Add Any New Jewels/Items Based On ID/Cat/Lvl, By Default Has Box Of Kundun 1-5/Pets/Fruits/Feather/Crest.

Deposit Item Buy
Can Buy Jewels like Box Of Kundun 1-5/Pets/Fruits/Feather/Crest.

Exchange System
Exchange Online Hours, Deposit Jewels Like Box Of Kundun 1-5/Pets/Fruits/Feather/Crest.

Currency Transfer
Transfer To Your Own Account IF MultiDB Case, Transfer Currency To Friends Using Their Account Name.

Expanded Warehouse Support, WebShop Item Return, Market Item Set For Sale, Item Auction, Item Upgrade.

Support Ticket
Sending Message About Issue Or Question To Administrator, Ticket Close By User, Ticket Re-open By Admin.

Achievement System
Website And Database Achievements, Laurel System With Rewards, Top 50 Achievement Players Based On Laurel, Unlimited Achievement Setup From XML.

Character Market
Unlimited Or Limited Character Sell Per Account, Character BlackList System, Sell Requirements, Min Max Cost Control, Sell & Buy Fees.

Item Market
Anti Dupe Selling, IP Checking, Buyer And Seller Fees, Multiple Currency System Using Currrency 1-6 And/Or Web Deposit.

Account Logs
Contains Latest Activity In Warehouse, Market And Overall Currency Usage.

Item Mail
When Enabled It Will Send Automatic Rewards Or Market, Webshop, Vip Like Items,Currency,Vip Status To Item Mail Page Where User Can Use/Activate Them At Any Date.

VIP Transfer
Allows To Transfer VIP Status Between MultiDB Servers.

Custom Item Sell
Can Setup ANY Item For Sale In This Page For Any Of The 6 Currencys In Up To 5 Different Quantities.

Battle Pass
Provides Free Pass And Can Buy Premium Pass Where Rewards Can Be Currecny Or Items, Buy Available With Currency OR Direct Pay.

Promo System
Allows For Admin To Create Promo CODES That Gives Currency, VIP Status, Multiple Items, And Module Discounts.

Streamer Box System
For Streamers To Show And Advertise Their Live Streams In Website, Supports Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok Live Streams.

Item Or Option Block For Selling, Forced F,O Option Buy Setting, Multiple Socket Settings For ANy Configuration, Multiple Currency Support, SETS/KITS Category Manage From XML, Dynamic Cost Setup.

Built-In Forum
Main Category And Sub Category Create, Topic PIN, Topic Hide, Topic Block/Unblock, User Flag As Spammer, Forum Inbox(PM) System.

16 Game Panel Modules

Reset Character
Reset Limit, Level After Reset, Reset Cooldown, Money Type ( Reward Or Take Currency ), Reset Stats, Teleport On Reset, Many LVLUpPOints Setups, Equipped Check, Level Req. By Reset Count.

Grand Reset
Grand Reset Limit, Grand Reset Level, Grand Reset Money Setup Type, Many LVLUpPOints Setups, GR Reset Character Stats, Teleport After GR, Equipped Check.

Warp Character
Warp Currency Settings, Warp Zen Cost, Combined Settings Per Map Like CordX, CordY, OverridePrice, LevelReq, ResetReq.

Character Dual Stats
Stats Save With Cost, Stats Activation Cost, Activation Limit Setting, Cost Increase X Reset Count.

Add Character Stats
Max Stats Settings, Money Type, Cost For Use.

Buy Character Stats
Money Type Setting, Stats Per 1 Stat Point, Max Stats Buy Limit.

Sell Level Up Points
Money Type Setting, Stats Cost Per 1 Stat Point.

Change Character Class
Min Max Required Resets To Use, Select For Allowed Classes, Allow Change To Same Quests, SkillTree Point Reset Or Keep.

Clear Character PK
Money Type Setting, PK Remove Cost Per Use

Rename Character
Allowed Symbols Setting, Regex Filtering Option, Available Rename For Louis Custom Tables, Money Type Setting, PK Remove Cost Per Use,

Reset Master SkillTree
Setup SkillTree Points Per Level, Money Type Setting, Option To Clear MagicList In Character Table.

Reset Character Stats
Money Type Setting, Stats Reset Cost Per Use, Stats Are Moved To LevelUpPoints.

Buy Character Level
Currency Cost Per Level, Available 400/1600/32000 Levels, Level Renew System.

Clean Invenotory
Money Type Setting, Clean Invenotory Cost Per Use.

Buy Master Level
Calculate ML Level Difference, Cost Per Master Level, Master Level Sell Limit, Points Per ML Setting.

Character Transfer
Character Name Change On Transfer, Transfer Min Level/Reset/GrandReset Required, Reset Character STATS To Class Default, Transfer CustomQuest, Transfer Item Check.

15 Payment Systems

7 Game Master Panel Modules

Ban Manager
Ip Ban, Account Ban, Character Ban, Automatic Search From Character Name Based On ban Type.

Warning System
Can Give Warning Levels To Characters, 4th Warning Gives Ban For X Days, Warning Level Expire Time, Max Allowed Warning Levels Setting.

User Unban
List Of Banned Players/Accounts And Time Till Expire, Unban Rights Setting.

Reward System
Credits Min-Max Rewards To User, GM Can Revice Reward, Information Input About Player And Event Name.

Event Posting
Displays Message On Bottom Right Corner When In-Game Event Will Start.

Information View
Search By Character Name / Account Username / IP, Ip Search Displays All Accounts That Has It.

Online By IP
List Based On Memb_Stat Table That Displays Ips In Order From 0-255 Per Each Subnet.

7 Admin Game Master (AGM) Panel Modules

GM Manage
New GM Status Adding And Removing, GM Max Stats Add, GM Panel Change.

GM Panel Settings
Min-Max Allowed Ban Days, Allowed Ban Type, GM Reward Setup Per Rewareded Event Winner.

Page Access
Allowing Or Disabling Specigic Pages In GM Panel.

Login Logs
List Of GM Login Date And IP To Monitor GM Activity.

GM Credits Logs
GM Credits Income List, Displays Where And How GM Received Credits.

GM Reward Logs
Logs From GM Reward Module Listing Players Who Has Been Rewarded.

3 Forum Moderator Panel Modules

Forum Cat Manage
Create / Edit Main Category With Description And Persmissions, With Rights To User Posts/Replies.

Forum SUB Cat Manage
Create / Edit Sub Category With Description And Persmissions

BlackList Manage
BlackListed Account Manage That Was Flagged As Spammer.

1500++ Administrator Modules

Check CMS DEMO To View All AdminCP Settings!

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